Ereloon en kosten

A fee is the hourly rate your lawyer asks for the time he works on your case. Usually, my fee is 125 per hour (based on the actual time I worked on the case). However, the hourly rate may be less or more depending on the nature, difficulty or urgency of the matter. Sometimes my fee is based on the value of your case, e.g. in cases where I am collecting bills.

On top of the fee you also pay costs: general charges, and the costs that are specific to your case. The general charges (€ 100.00) include some fixed costs that are not budgeted separately (EGW, amortizations, telephone costs, photocopies, etc.). In addition, I charge € 10 for drafting and sending a letter or e-mail. In addition, court and bailiff fees, and travel expenses (€ 0.50 / km) are budgeted separately.

In order to spread your costs, I ask advances at regular intervals. In that way, you have an overview of your costs at any given time. You pay as your case proceeds. When your case is concluded, you receive a detailed overview of the costs and fees.